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EB-5 Compliance

Global Verification Network (GVN) is an internationally recognized Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) located in the United States. GVN has the ability to complete both foreign and domestic civil, criminal, and financial vetting searches along with a variety of other investigative services. Unlike other CRA’s, Global Verification Network does not off-shore the investigative work they do. Additionally, all of their in-house team of investigators have the requisite training, education and experience to properly investigate and protect your most sensitive, and critical, business information.

Global Verification Network conducts its investigations to determine if the proposed principals or entities have the experience, competence, integrity, character and financial abilities to direct and/or lead an entity’s affairs in a safe, sound and legally compliant manner. When your reputation is at stake you can't afford to cut corners. Trust GVN and its expert investigative team to give you peace of mind!

Until recently, oversite for EB-5 transactions has been limited and largely left open to interpretation by individual actors within the wider EB-5 context, but now that several high profile fraud cases have put the program into the crosshairs of regulators, commercial grade background checks have become a much anticipated and talked about development. The ability to track and report on these background verifications can easily be documented within the Global Verification Network software interface. Given the possibility that regulators could “drop in” for a look at your diligence documentation, operators should be ready with written documentation that proper diligence has been conducted on those with whom you do business, and those who act on your behalf!


  • Criminal history searches (municipal, county, state and federal levels)
  • Civil litigation history searches - county & federal levels
  • Judgments, tax liens and bankruptcies searches
  • UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) searches
  • Government Databases Exclusions List Searches (including OFAC, FINRA, SEC and more)
  • Credit Reports (only with signed consent)
  • Business Credit Reports
  • Media/Social Media Searches
  • Real Property Searches
  • Education and Professional license verifications
  • Reference Verifications and Validations
  • Other Specialty Investigative services

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