Why Criminal Background Checks Are Necessary

November 2017

Making a bad hire can prove costly for your business in wasted resources, damage to your reputation, and lower morale among your team. By conducting a criminal background check for employment as part of your screening process, you reduce the chances of bringing in an employee with a troubling criminal past.

All too often, applicants provide false information in their resumes or job applications. In some cases, applicants may attempt to hide information about a criminal record. Failing to conduct a comprehensive search before hiring can expose your company to potential liability — a risk most business owners prefer not to take.

Making criminal background checks part of your hiring process is critical for protecting your customers, employees and vendors. Why should employers go beyond basic background checks before hiring, and what can you expect from the process?

The Value of Criminal Background Checks

Any time you hire a new employee, you take a risk that the individual may not be qualified for the job — or, even worse, may prove detrimental to your organization. The best insurance for making advantageous hires is conducting comprehensive criminal background checks.

By thoroughly researching an applicant’s past for any criminal record, you avoid hiring individuals with convictions for financial malfeasance such as fraud, theft and embezzlement. You also reduce the chances of hiring someone with a history of behaving in a threatening or violent manner.

By thoroughly screening applicants for criminal records, you improve the overall quality of your hires. In addition, you may reduce losses from employee theft and lower the liability that can come with a lawsuit for negligent hiring. Courts have ruled that employers must use reasonable care when hiring anyone who may present a threat to the public.

Avoiding bringing the wrong person on board also can potentially protect your business reputation, and spare you costly public relations efforts should one of your employees cause harm.

Hiring quality applicants can help increase your organization’s success, advance your brand, and grow your profits. By working with a professional background screening firm, you can feel confident about receiving accurate, comprehensive criminal background information about your applicants.

What to Expect From a Background Check for Employers

Assistance from a professional background screening company can help you save time and resources as you confirm applicants’ suitability for your open positions. What does a background check criminal record include?

A professional provider of criminal background screening services will use a variety of tools — including verification of previous employment and a criminal records check — to help ensure that you take reasonable care in your hiring process. By working with a professional screening firm, you help reduce the possibility of negligent hiring liability for your organization.

Global Verification Network offers instant criminal records searches and can provide comprehensive records checks of criminal histories at the local level. With an instant search, you can gain valuable information about your applicants right away. For example, you’ll learn whether an applicant has convictions for crimes such as fraud, assault and drug-related offenses, and whether any convictions are for felonies or misdemeanors.

A thorough records search — beyond the services provided in a basic background check — can provide you with information you might not receive through an instant search of criminal history.

If you are hiring an employee who will interact with vulnerable populations such as children or older adults, completing a detailed criminal records check is vital for safety and for the company’s reputation. By working with a background check provider that can search at the county as well as state level, you gain access to additional records that may not be in the state database.

Get Assistance With Criminal Background Checks

Comprehensive criminal background screenings can help you avoid unfavorable hires that can compromise the safety, security and standing of your business. Global Verification Network assists business owners and hiring managers with conducting thorough, timely criminal record searches to ensure that applicants meet your employment requirements.

To learn more about our services or to receive a quote for criminal background screenings, please contact Global Verification Network.

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