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Based on your unique needs and the best practices of our industry, Global Verification Network customizes a background-screening program that complements your candidate selection program. Our state-of-the-art applicant intake and validation process helps you put the right person in the right job — the first time. Read more about our Background Check Services below.

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Background Check Services

Why Do a Background Check?

Candidate Selection

Pick the best candidate for the job only after confirming the facts. Are candidates who they say they are? Are they as qualified as they say they are? If there are discrepancies between the facts and what was presented to you, what does this say about the candidate’s character? A bad hire lowers morale, negatively affects productivity and can even damage relationships with vendors and customers.

Safety and Security

Protect your employees, your workplace and your valuable information by minimizing the possibility of violence, theft and corporate espionage. Global Verification Network conducts comprehensive background checks to assess your candidate’s past criminal behavior and character.

Protection from Litigation

Hiring someone who causes harm to an employee or customer leaves you open to negligent hiring/retention litigation. Do your due diligence and make sure that your potential hires are properly investigated. If your candidate has a history of criminal, violent or other questionable behavior, rest assured that Global Verification Network would find it.

Cost Savings

Background checks save money in the long run by reducing turnover. While you can undertake limited telephone and online background checks yourself, Global Verification Network has access to all of the relevant databases and records — and the knowledge to use them correctly and responsibly. Replacing a bad hire is expensive, so make sure you get the right person in the first place.

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