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Drug Testing

Why Conduct Drug Testing?

Drug users cost employers a significant amount of money in the form of lost productivity, increased health problems, greater absenteeism and workplace accidents. You can eliminate these costs by not hiring drug abusers in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to identify them through pre-employment drug testing undertaken as part of your overall background screening.

Why Global Verification Network?

When you make Global Verification Network your single source for drug testing, you save time and money while your drug-screening program is managed in a compliant and accountable manner. We handle the testing logistics, scheduling, results reporting and billing — so you don’t have to. And with our expertise and experience in drug testing, you can rest assured that your program is run efficiently and effectively.

Global Verification Network offers fast, accurate and compliant pre-employment drug screening. Our Certified – Third-Party Administrator (C–TPA) programs provide comprehensive management of your substance abuse programs. The C–TPA designation indicates our dedication, experience and commitment to a consistently high level of professionalism.

We customize a drug testing solution that meets your organization’s unique needs. Whether your industry is federally mandated to perform drug and alcohol testing or you want to voluntarily implement a drug-free workplace, Global Verification Network offers solutions that are in compliance with your screening policy, government regulations and other industry standards.

Our Drug Testing Services

We provide random program notification, laboratory analysis, Medical Review Officer (MRO) services, chain-of-custody forms (paper or electronic) and collection site management on a nationwide basis. Urine (collection site or instant), hair and oral options are available. Online access to each program is available for reporting and random pool management.

Global Verification Network services include facilitation of sample collection at our partners’ multiple locations, shipment of the sample to the laboratory, MRO services (if applicable) and reporting of the drug test results.

  • Urine Drug Screen

    This test determines if a candidate or employee is drug-free. We offer 5-, 7-, 9- or 10-panel urine drug testing through one of our partner labs. Requests for additional panels can be accommodated.

  • eCup/Instant Urine Drug Screen

    This 5-panel option offers faster urine drug test results while eliminating the risk of human error. eCup is a “smart” cup that provides rapid screening without human intervention or interpretation. Negative sample results are available within an hour, which reduces testing turnaround time if no drugs are detected.

  • Hair Drug Screen

    Hair drug testing offers the longest detection period for the most commonly tested drug types. It detects use between one week and three months from the date of drug use. Plus, this option prevents attempts at specimen substitution.

  • Oral Fluid Drug Test

    This alternative allows donors to collect and cap their own samples on-site in the presence of a monitor. This minimally invasive, easy-to-use method reduces tampering attempts and is particularly useful for detecting recent drug use. Because the results indicate if drugs are present at the time of collection, the oral test is especially suited for post-accident testing.

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