Hire only properly licensed candidates.

License Verifications

Why Verify Licenses and Certifications?

A professional license or certificate indicates that a person is allowed to practice in a profession that requires a high level of skill, training and formal education. Performance of duties without the requisite expertise can result in harm due to incompetence, and practicing without a license may result in civil or criminal penalties. When working with individuals needing a license or certification, be sure to check that they have the credentials claimed and that these credentials are current.

Why Global Verification Network?

You are responsible for verifying that an employee has the required license, and that the license is in good standing. Global Verification Network confirms any professional licenses or certifications claimed by the applicant, including licensing and certification for medical doctors, registered and licensed practical nurses, certified public accountants, lawyers, stockbrokers, engineers, teachers, pilots and others, and we confirm that the license is valid and current.

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