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License Verifications

If your company requires licensed professionals to perform specific work, comprehensive license verification should play a key role in your pre-employment vetting process. By conducting professional license verification, you ensure that applicants hold the licenses they claim and that credentials are up to date.

Verifying credentials in-house can pose challenges; for instance, a government agency may not have a complete history of any violations or restrictions affecting an applicant’s license. By working with a professional employment screening firm, you take an important step toward protecting your business from liability claims that can arise from failing to meet licensing requirements.

The Importance of Verifying Credentials

Professional licenses and certifications demonstrate the skill and proficiency of an individual to perform specific job duties. Engaging in certain professions without the required expertise can cause physical injury or other harm to members of the public; and it can result in criminal or civil penalties against you and your business.

Why Choose Global Verification Network?

By working with a license and certification verification service, you can confirm that applicants have the current, required credentials for specific positions in your organization. Global Verification Network assists business owners in establishing the validity of professional licenses and certifications. We can confirm any professional credentials and applicant lists — including certification and licensing for medical professionals, lawyers, teachers, engineers, certified public accountants, pilots and others — and alert you to any restrictions or violations.

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