We help reveal your applicant’s personal qualities.

Reference Verifications

Why Check References?

Augment your employment verification process with information about your applicant’s character traits and work ethic. Professional and personal references offer a more subjective look at the candidate that helps you confirm personal qualities. Is the candidate hard working, honest, reliable, a team player? Is this someone with whom you want to work? Is he or she a good fit with your group?

Why Global Verification Network?

Global Verification Network uses modern communication methodologies to streamline the reference gathering and checking process. Our QuikVerify email verification system offers a seamless user experience. All reference requests are customized with client-specific questions that are emailed directly to the reference. The Global Verification Network screening system then gathers and reports results in a timely manner.

Our reference checking service provides more in-depth information about the applicant than you get from traditional interviews and employment checks. We contact former supervisors, coworkers and colleagues to round out your employment screening process. While we customize our questions to meet your needs, examples of questions that we ask include:

  • How long have you known the applicant?
  • In what capacity do you know the applicant?
  • What is your overall opinion of this person?
  • What are the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Does the applicant exhibit good moral character?
  • What is the applicant’s work style?
  • Is the applicant a team player?
  • Can you depend on the applicant?
  • Does the applicant have a good work ethic?
  • Would you choose to work with this applicant again?

For additional reference verification, we obtain OIG (Office of Inspector General) reports to check if candidates for federal positions are on the List of Excluded Individuals.

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