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Tenant Screening

Why Do You Need Tenant-Screening Services?

How do you turn applicants into residents? Through a thorough background screening, of course! When you rent to responsible tenants who contribute positively to the building’s environment, you benefit and your tenants benefit. A comprehensive tenant background check helps you evaluate the risk of each potential tenant so you can make a leasing decision quickly and effectively — and get applicants into your homes as soon as possible.

Why Global Verification Network?

Our goal is to help you fill your properties with good tenants — simply and quickly. Global Verification Network offers the latest in property management technology with QuickLease Pro, an easily configurable, user-friendly, applicant-tracking software system. Here are a few of the most important tools we put in your hands:

  • Highly Configurable Application Forms

    Our FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and E-Signature compliant forms are customizable to your needs. Embed the link to your online application anywhere you choose, such as your website or other preferred Internet listing service.

  • Simple Applicant-Tracking Tools

    View or print applications, review credit/background check reports, make decisions and manage documents all in one user-friendly system. The QuickleasePro responsive design is optimized for mobile, tablet and laptop devices.

  • Generate Pre-Filled Leases

    After uploading your lease form, you can use pre-entered data to automatically generate a new contract for each applicant.

  • Customizable Payment Options

    You choose whether applicants can pay online or by debit/credit card.

  • Automated Notifications

    Automatic email notifications provide real-time feedback on each applicant’s status as he or she progresses through the screening process.

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