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Vetting / Investigative Services

When Do You Need Vetting & Investigative Services?

Are you facing an investment decision? Considering working with or acquiring a particular business entity? Looking to hire a high-level executive? When a lot is at stake, you need to be absolutely sure about the company and its people — before you enter into a relationship with them. Vetting companies conduct in-depth background investigations to uncover the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why Global Verification Network?

Global Verification Network conducts investigations, or screenings, to determine if the proposed principles or entities have the experience, competence, integrity, character and financial ability to direct and/or lead an entity's affairs in a safe, sound and legally compliant manner. Global Verification Network customizes our boutique offering of investigative solutions to accommodate your unique business requirements and goals.

Global Verification Network produces accurate, thorough reports in 10 or fewer business days, assuming that clerk-assisted jurisdictions are not in play. In the event of a delay, Global Verification Network communicates the delay to the client and provides preliminary, intermediate and final reports, depending upon Global Verification Network/client-agreed protocol.

The Global Difference

At Global Verification Network, the same investigator assembles each report — from start to finish. Many of our competitors employ a piecemeal approach in which different investigators complete various report sections, and a software system combines the separate components into a full report. Global Verification Network assigns the entire report to a single professional, ensuring consistency, quality and accountability.

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